Canon Printer Setup Guide

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How to setup Canon Printer from

Canon has been known for manufacturing printers and its services are enjoyed by a number of people. Hence, there is a large customer base which is associated with the Canon printers. Setting up a printer requires certain configuration elements and it can take a bit of time for you to get going.  To setup the printer, you must know both the hardware and software elements related to the machine. So you can learn to setup Canon Printer from by following the pointers given below 

How to install Canon Printer on Windows Computer with USB Cable?

Canon Printers are both available in the both USB and cordless version. Here is how you can install the USB printer on the Windows OS-

 install Canon usb Printer
  • Unpack your printer, take it out carefully. Make sure you place it on a plane area which is hygienic. This can help you to avoid dust entering into the inlets of the machine which can affect how your machine functions.
  • Then you must make sure that the socket in which you can insert the power plug of the machine. Also ensure that the power socket is able to absorb the current that is flowing through the power inlets in your home.
  • Afterwards, check your USB cable. Attach one end to the printer’s USB outlet and then the other end to the USB port of your device. Make sure that the wire isn’t twisted and keep it in a straight line.
  • Once the USB is connected properly, the system will notify you if the connection has been established successfully. This is the most important aspect of the setup through the Wired Printer.
  • In certain cases the setup can start automatically just upon the connection but that is not always the case. In some cases you have to undertake manual method and then configure the drivers in your device.
  • To undertake the manual method, you must learn to setup Canon Printer from First visit the of Canon and locate the link to download the printer drivers from there. Then mention the Printer Model Type and the OS version that you are currently using. Make sure you enter these details carefully to avail the drivers.
  • After your particulars have been entered correctly, you can acquire the drivers from the 
  • Then the drivers will start downloading. The download will take some time. Make sure that the folder dedicated to download of your drivers is not clumped or is among the heap of folders.
  • Then get to the specified folder related to the download of your drivers. Then find the installer packaged file that is associated with the driver installation. Then you need to click on the packaged file and the installer will pop up and transferring files related to printer. Once the installer has completed its job you need to then undertake one more task.
  • In this step, you have to first visit the Hardware section of your device and then enter the Printer and Fax option. Then open the list of devices that are recognized by your device.
  • Once the list pops up, locate the printer model you are using and then add it to the list of recognized device.
  • Once the printer has been added to the list of the recognized devices the combination of the drivers will help you to perform printing operations. Conduct a print test to see if your printer is working correctly.

These are the guidelines to place the drivers in your system and conduct the printing operations.

How To Install Canon Wireless Printer With USB cable?

setup canon wireless Printer

Setting up a wireless printer can be full of hassle as it requires a multitude of accessories to be setup. This is how you can establish the wireless printer by using an USB cable-

  • Unbox your printer and place it on a flat surface. Make sure you establish its presence in an area which is easily accessible.
  • Then establish your printer’s wireless connection which can take some time. The wireless connection requires some time to be setup and you need to have some accessories at hand if you want to setup the wireless Canon printer through the USB connection.
  • Then you need to setup Canon Printer from Once you reach the, you have to look for the tab through which you can download the drivers. Once you find the download link, click on it to go forward.
  • Then you need to fill the particulars related to the printer such as the model type of the printer and the OS version that you are operating at the moment. Once you specify the particulars, a downloadable link generate on the screen.
  • Wait for the download to finish in the specified folder and once the download is completed, click on the file to begin the installation process.
  • The installation process will start once you have click on the file and will complete in a short amount of time once the driver files have been set up in your device.
  • Then you need to setup a wireless server once you wireless printer has been configured through the printer’s drivers.
  • Complete the wireless server by acquiring an Ethernet cable and a USB cable. Both of which will be used to setup a network buffer for the printer to be operated.
  • The wireless server should be established both in the proximity of the device and the printer that you want to use.
  • If your wireless print server has been traced by the system, you need to connect the Ethernet cable to both the router and the server Form the link and then form a network through your device.  
  • Later, go to the settings of your printer by pressing the Tool button. Then access the network settings and find the WPS option. Then find your system DNS Address and add it to the list of devices in your printer.
  • Then you must add the printer on the list of recognized devices through your system.
  • Go to the Start Menu, type in Control Panel and search for it. After you reach the Control Panel, select the option known as Printers & Fax from where you can get a list of recognized devices.
  • Tap on the Scan option to find your printer among the list of recognized devices. Wait for the scan to finish and once you identify your device then you can click on the plus button and as you do that, your machine will be added to the list of recognized devices.
  • Then you need to conduct a test operation to see if the printer has been working in the normal manner. This is how you can setup Canon Printer from

How to install Canon Wireless Printer without USB

The wireless printer can also be setup without using the USB and through the printer and the device itself. To configure the wireless printer without USB by following then pointers given below-

  • To begin with, you need to install the drivers related to the printers in your system. To do so, you must learn to setup Canon Printer from Visit the of Canon printer and then go to the Drivers Download Section. Once you reach the drivers section, mention the printer model and the Operating System’s version.
  • After you enter in the specifics and confirm the details, a download link will pop up on the screen. Then you’d need to use the printer and establish a connection.
  • From the, go to the network settings of your printer by using the Tool like option and then take into account that WEP and SSID related to the printer.
  • Afterwards, you should note the values such as D.N.S address pertaining to your system for the later use.
  • Then you should turn on the printer and press on the Settings option and then go to the WEP option. You should then insert these values in this space.
  • After you have completed inserted the values related to your system in the printer, you need to insert the printer related values in the system.
  • To complete the setup, first visit the Control Panel through the Start button. Once you reach there, you must click on the Hardware option. Then an array of options will open up on the screen. Select the Printer and Fax tab and then click on the option to add devices to your system. To add the printer, click on the Scan option and once you are able to see your Canon printer, click on the plus button.
  • Once you have clicked on the plus button, the device will be attached to your printer. Conduct a test print to see if it is working.

This is how you can install the drivers for your wireless printer without using the USB cable. There are other ways through which you can also setup the printer but in any case, you need to setup Canon Printer from